The HCI Programs to Enhance Diversity (PED) Office acts as a resource for our community to support in resolving immediate issues and implement long-term solutions that will foster greater belonging in our institution. This feedback form can be used to report anonymous concerns, request meetings, or to submit general requests and suggestions.

The HCI PED Feedback Form includes the following:

Anonymous Reporting Form: Use this confidential form to report concerns or incidents anonymously, ensuring a safe space for sharing sensitive information.

In-Person Meeting Request Form: Our team is here to provide support and guidance on matters that foster a harmonious work atmosphere.

Department Training Request Form: Request trainings for your department. Our engaging sessions aim to foster understanding and inclusivity, empowering your team to contribute to a welcoming workplace.

General Feedback Form: We value your thoughts! Whether you have comments, suggestions, or requests, use this form to share your feedback. Your input helps us create a better experience for everyone. 

A member of the PED Leadership Team will review all forms and follows up with next steps as needed.

If you have additional questions, please contact our team directly at

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